Golden Award

Corporate Identity Design Contest | 2010 | Earth Identity project – Japan

Jamie Fishbein Photography

Theme :

This logo is a personal symbol mark of photographer Jamie Fishbein.

Basically photography based on light and darkness. When light falls upon a mirror it creates a reflection. Camera is such a machine that preserves the reflection. Camera preserves a reflection by using shutter speed, film paper with some chemical elements & controlling aperture. Here the shutter speed & the aperture controls the light which fall on the film paper and it’s chemical element reacts with light & preserves this reflection which we called photo. Here this logo simplistically showing this controlled light and dark film paper which also explaining the inner meaning of photography “light and darkness”.





Merit Award

Corporate Identity Design Contest | 2010 | Earth Identity project – Japan

Theme: True peace- world without poverty, world without nuclear weapons.

This headline contains three key words.

1. Peace

2. Poverty &

3. Nuclear weapons.

It is obvious that a world will be full of peace when there will exist no poverty and war( specially nuclear weapons based war). And it was told to design a logo on this theme.

If we look upon the logo we can see that a green circle containing three human figures who are enjoying among themselves. Basically circle is an imaginative form when we tell about world. Green is the symbol of uninterrupted nature, and we all know that white is the symbol of peace And here three white playful human figure is telling about the world of peace without poverty. The three human figures is also telling about the three axis of the world, that indicates that the whole world is free from poverty & peace is existing everywhere in the world.